Ploughman’s Son

Ploughman's Son

The Ploughman Chronicles: Book I

Bretagne, 880 AD — Alain, the bastard son of the witch of Dead Ox Wood, can only dream of wielding the magic of the ley lines, until the day comes that a mad spirit threatens his life, and he pierces the barrier to reach his hidden talent.

But his new-found skills do not lead to the prosperity of his dreams. Instead, they place him on a path to a destiny he never imagined. He is thrust into the center of a centuries-long battle for power over the Lands of Men.

Is he the mage foretold by ages past? Is he the Fair One?

His talent draws others to him–enemies and allies alike–and pits him against the most powerful mages of this world, and of the next!\

In this engrossing novel, the author of the Fallen Cloud Saga and Dreams of the Desert Wind creates an exciting alternate world that blends magic and politics, myth and history. The Dark Ages come alive with depth and honesty, taking the reader on a journey filled with prophecy, magic, and twists of fate.

This is the first volume of the Ploughman Chronicles, the high fantasy series that concludes with Ploughman King. In it, Kurt R.A. Giambastiani, author of the Fallen Cloud Saga and the modern fantasy Dreams of the Desert Wind, has created an exciting historical fantasy that blends ley lines and earth energies, magic and politics, Celtic myth and medieval history.