Ploughman King

Ploughman King

The Ploughman Chronicles: Book II 

Alain was once only the bastard son of the Delphine of Dead Ox Wood, but fate and prophecy intervened.

Now, he has deposed his blood-father and taken his place as Count Vannes, but he is also the fabled Fair One, foretold for centuries by Fair Folk and Men alike. The Fair Folk see Alain as their salvation, the man who will bring them back from the Summerland to rule the Lands of Men, but to the mages of Bretagne, he is the Undoer, destroyer of worlds. But Alain cares nothing for this. What he wants is to unite Bretagne and forge a nation, for the true danger lies not from Fair Folk or mages, but from the Frankish Empire to the east. Or so he believes…

This is the concluding volume of the Ploughman Chronicles, the high fantasy series begun with Ploughman’s Son. In it, Kurt R.A. Giambastiani, author of the Fallen Cloud Saga and the modern fantasy Dreams of the Desert Wind, has created an exciting historical fantasy that blends ley lines and earth energies, magic and politics, Celtic myth and medieval history.